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aruba vacations packages

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Aruba Vacations

The average annual temperature is 83°F and rainfall amounts to just 17 inches a year, most of which occurs during the months of October and November. Also, hurricanes are extremely rare since Aruba is located far south of the hurricane storm belt.

Aruba has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean -- or in the world for that matter. There are miles of white, sugary sand; warm, gentle surf; turquoise and aqua seas; and plenty of space.

On the island of Aruba, you are truly welcome.
You're welcome to dream of endless sun and scenery. You're welcome to plunge into the breathtaking blue and crystal clear ocean and to lounge on sparkling white beaches. You're welcome to plan the ideal family vacation, the perfect wedding, a romantic honeymoon, or simply escape to a colorful world away from home. You're welcome to explore... to make everything 'Aruba' your own... to find the perfect "something" or "nothing" to do.

  • Arubans are among the most educated people in the world, speaking English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento fluently. Many also speak French and German.
  • From the moment you arrive, your vacation will be overflowing with good music. Arubans are ardent music lovers and musicians, and cherish their traditional music, such as the fiery tumba; the elegant danza; and the fast-paced Antillean waltz.
  • International cuisine runs the gamut from French to Fusion, Italian to Indian, from Japanese to Javanese. Local cuisine carries its own distinction with the sharp taste of the local "yerbe hole" basil, bringing out the best of the "catch of the day."

Come enjoy the charm of windmills, lighthouses, and twisting divi divi trees... or luxuriate in the world's most opulent spas. Come play in the glittering casinos and luxury resorts... or wander the unsurpassed pristine beaches.

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aruba vacations packages

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