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bermuda vacations packages

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Bermuda Vacations

The highest humidity months are July and August. Bermuda is warmed year round by the Gulf Stream, and temperatures rarely drop below 55° F or exceed 90° F.

Where Old World charm meets New World splendor
100 million years ago, this hook-shaped Eden was once the tip of a huge volcano. The island of Bermuda rises out of the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by a wide platform of underwater coral reefs. This gives the seas near the shallow shore unimaginable colors - stunning blues and greens that skirt the miles of world-renowned pink sand beaches. Upscale Bermuda offers an escape to paradise within easy distance of the states, with friendly people, great shopping, and beautiful scenery.

  • Combining Old World charm and ultimate luxury, Bermuda offers a British sensibility, with American conveniences and a laid-back island atmosphere.
  • With more than 650 species of fish inhabiting its warm turquoise waters, Bermuda is a delight to swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and deep-sea fishermen alike.
  • If you see people dancing down the street to the sound of drums and whistles, wearing colorful costumes, then you may be witnessing that most elusive of Bermuda events - the Gombey dancers!

Whether it's swimming with friendly dolphins, savoring high tea, or enjoying 18 holes on a championship golf course, the brilliance of Bermuda awaits you.

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bermuda vacations packages

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